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Madagascan Sunset Moth Bronze Key Necklace – Upper Wing




This incredible, real butterfly wing necklace will be a beautiful addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. It makes a great conversation piece, since buying expired butterflies supports their region’s ecosystem.

This moth wing has been delicately preserved and hangs from a bronze key pendant. It contains the wing of a Madagascan Sunset Moth.

No butterflies were ever harmed in the making of my jewelry. The wing has been preserved under glass, and is guaranteed to last a life time, and the colors will never fade!

The pendant hangs on a permanently colored bronze chain. Please choose your preferred chain length from the drop down box. See the last picture for the chain size chart.

All of my products are lead free and nickel free.


Height – 3.25″ (with bail)

Width – 1.1″ (approximately)

*Every butterfly necklace will vary slightly by hue and pattern.  Please message me if you’d like to see the exact pendant you will receive before you buy.*


This species, Chrysiridia rhipheus, is native only to the island of Madagascar.  They are diurnal, meaning, unlike most moths, they are active during the day.  This habit, as well as the bright color and shape of their wings, causes them to frequently be mistaken for swallowtail butterflies.  These moths have only one means of defense — they are poisonous.  The toxins contained in the Omphalea plants are eaten by the caterpillars but not digested.  Instead these toxins remain in their bodies through pupation and into adulthood.  Their brightly colored wings serve as a warning to predators to leave them alone or suffer the consequences.

They are large moths, boasting a wingspan of 3 to 3 1/2 inches. Every time the moths move their wings, the colors and patterns shift, creating a kaleidoscope effect. Most of the of the moths’ wings contain no pigment at all, and in subdued light they appear bland and unremarkable.  The flashy colors are created by the curvature of the scales on their wings that reflect light in different angles, giving the appearance of color.

Butterflies provide symbolism for times of growth, transformation, change and letting go.  They help with gaining perspective, clearing up boundary issues, bringing peace, clarity and focus. They are meant to get us in touch with a deeper guidance and meaning within ourselves and the world around us.  They allow the scattered and dispersed social butterflies among us to come back to their center and focus.


These butterflies come from butterfly farms & ranching projects from all over the world (mainly South America, Africa and South East Asia). These farms provide the natives of the countries with an excellent source of income and prevent them from destroying the rain forest to clear land for cattle raising, logging etc. In the wild, only a very small percentage (about 5%) of butterfly eggs survive to adulthood. Butterfly farms have much higher survival rates, approximately 80%. Most of the less colorful female butterflies hatched on farms are released into the wild to lay more eggs in a rain forest that would have been destroyed years ago if not for the protection of the farms. So collecting butterflies actually saves butterflies & the rain forest!

All of my butterflies were allowed to live their entire life in the sanctity of their farm and collected for distribution after they passed. In this way, I am able to present this beautiful, unique jewelry to you!


As with all jewelry, avoid spraying with perfumes, or coming into direct contact with lotions or make-ups. Remove jewelry before bathing or swimming. If the necklace needs to be cleaned, gently wipe it off with a baby wipe and use a Q-tip for the small crevices. Allow to dry completely before wearing. If your jewelry tarnishes, clean it with some lemon juice and a toothbrush and dry with a paper towel.

Additional information

Weight85 g
Chain Length

14", 16", 18", 20", 24", 30", 34"


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