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Handmade Jewelry

What We Make

Alice in Wonderland

These beautiful Alice in Wonderland inspired creations make the perfect gift for the Lewis
Carroll fan in your life.

Real Butterfly Wing

Each pendant contains the wing a of a naturally expired butterfly. No butterflies were ever
harmed in the making of my jewelry.

Crystals & Gemstones

These beautiful crystals and stones have been electro-formed in pure copper, and
transformed into one of a kind pendants.


Captivate your unique personality with one of my handmade, electro-formed zodiac charm

Real Flower

Each necklace contains real flowers that were grown in my own backyard. Hand-casted in crystal clear resin and wire wrapped for a unique, stylish flair.


Handmade Steampunk necklaces created using real watch parts and gears, and hand-cast in
crystal clear resin.

Exclusive Collection

Beautiful Vibe Crystals
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From Our Fans

I picked up my first order yesterday- the quality of the items are AMAZING! So beautiful.

Lindsay Bormet

Honestly, I hate wearing jewelry. Always have. But when the Blue Morpho crescent moon necklace caught my eye, I couldn’t help myself. I thought I would hang it up in my house as a decoration but it is just SO beautiful that I can’t help but wear it everywhere I go! For the first time in a decade I wear a necklace daily and I don’t think I could’ve picked a more beautiful one! Lexi took the time to go through her pieces with me and explain the different meanings behind each butterfly. I love wearing it, I love the compliments I get, and I LOVE that the clasp doesn’t get stuck in my hair!

Bailey Sandin

I am so amazed by my new necklaces. i can not stop looking at them. Thank you for being down on 16th today.

Christine Farris